Handheld or Smartphones – The Future of Mobile Gambling

In former times the Gameboy was the constant companion of many game fans. Today it’s the iPhone or iPad that’s always with you when it comes to summoners war toa 100 on the go. Not only is there a huge selection of games for mobile phones. The technical gadgets for iOS devices, which come onto the market at regular intervals, also cause most gamblers to upgrade their mobile phones. But what’s next and where is mobile gaming heading?

Development – from Gameboy to iPhone

In April 1989 the first Gameboy came out and became a fun for many children. Games like ‘Tetris’ or ‘Donkey Kong Country’ were gambled for hours, to the horror of many parents. But the generation that used to enjoy Gameboy games has grown up. The handheld consoles currently on the market also faced strong competition. Since the first iPhones were marketed with games in 2007, iPhones and iPads have become more and more popular. With games like “Candy Crush Saga”, Casual Games or “Angry Birds” they can almost be used like a mobile game console. Apple has accelerated this trend by having the manufacturer attach side buttons to the iPhone that could be used as additional game buttons or as a kind of joystick.

Where is the trend heading?

Those who have already played the levels of games like ‘Angry Bird’ or ‘Candy Crush Saga’ up and down will be looking for something else. The selection is huge: The market offers some interesting novelties among the free as well as the paid games. Furthermore, some innovations in the field of controllers can be expected. Some control pads and game controllers are already available for iOS. But a lot has happened in the area of hardware for iPhones and iPads. Because Apple brings out the most different innovations. These also include console pads and additional parts that can be attached to the respective end device using suction cups.

Games and control – the big difference

The spectrum of different types of controllers is huge. In the past, the control options of consoles and computers were limited to the joysticks that were commercially available at the time. In the past, these types of controllers were usually sold as accessories. Today, this technology has been replaced by other accessories. However, there are still some followers who still use it to play games such as aircraft simulations or the like. So the choice of controls, whether it’s a keyboard, a gamepad or a joystick, depends heavily on the game. However, most games are best played with an external control that reacts to pressing buttons.

The advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices.

Advantages and disadvantages: Handhelds

The handheld games offer more fun. In many cases they are complex and have a high degree of depth. The handhelds offer a lot graphically: With the newer models, the graphic possibilities are already quite close to those of a PS3 console. The handhelds can also be used to play larger games that require a lot of memory.

Disadvantages could be on the one hand that the games on the handhelds are usually quite time-consuming. On the other hand, they first have to be bought in stores or online, as no download is possible.

Advantages and disadvantages: Smartphones

Everyone has a smartphone, so it’s always at hand and doesn’t have to be purchased first. Since it is a constant companion anyway, it can also be easily used as a gap filler in the subway or while waiting at the checkout of the shopping center. The games for the smartphone are easy to download and install. They are either cheap or free.

But the smartphone also has disadvantages. The main memory of the mobile phone may not be sufficient for complex games. In addition, detailed 3-D worlds of some games could even be too large for the iPhone and could no longer be displayed. Furthermore, there could be problems with the controller. Virtual joypads often don’t work so well on the smartphone. If you don’t have an external controller at hand, you might have trouble playing complex games like sports or adventure games. Furthermore, some manufacturers offer certain games only for the handhelds but not for the smartphone. However, it should be noted that games such as poker and online slots can be played on the smartphone rather than on the handheld.


Many of the passionate gamers have both a mobile game console and a smartphone to be ready at any time to gamble a bit. For beginners, the mobile phone almost imposes itself. If you want more, such as better graphics and a more intense gaming experience, you should use your handheld. Because you can also play more complex games on it for a longer period of time without having to accept losses due to a lack of RAM or the like.


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