Losing Fat While Exercising

Fat cells, on the other hand, have an almost unlimited storage capacity! Your body can store 200 kilos of glucose as fat if you encourage it!

In the case of sprinting, once the muscle glycogen is exhausted (the moment it starts to hurt), your body will reverse the process: your fat cells will convert fat back into glucose and return this glucose to the blood to feed your muscles. That’s how you lose weight by exercising… Lots of exercise!

The problem is that it’s slow enough to turn fat into glucose. It is better suited for long and continuous efforts. Going to a gym 1/2 hour from time to time is moderately effective…

What would be much more effective in fact would be to stop having so much glucose in your blood! This way, your fat cells will stop storing it as fat (faster than you can usually eliminate it)…

Where do excess glucose come from?

For those who are a little distracted, glucose is a good thing. Glucose is the basic energy of the human body. Excess glucose, on the other hand, leads to (massive) fat storage!

Glucose is simple sugar. For example, white table sugar (sucrose or sucrose for Americans) is a complex sugar: it is a molecule composed of half glucose (good) and half fructose (bad).

When you eat sugar, it is very quickly broken down into glucose and fructose molecules by digestion. Glucose goes directly into the blood (and you know what happens to it? If you still don’t know, turn off the TV and start playing again from the beginning!)

Fructose, on the other hand, is basically a poison that the liver is trying to eliminate, and that’s a whole other problem to which we’ll come back later.

By the way, let us remember that alcohol is generally fermented sugar. Essentially fructose (abundant in fruits as its name suggests) which gives you liver problems. But in alcohol, we also find many other sugars (for example in beer we find a lot of maltose) very effective to increase glucose-style. In fact, it’s so stupid and logical that it’s not even funny anymore….

Where it gets more subtle is that glucose (which is a good sugar, except in excess, remember) and bad sugars (fructose & co.), there are some in everything (or almost)! And you consume too much! That’s for sure! Otherwise, you wouldn’t say you’re overweight! The list of foods that contain it is just amazing!

Parenthesis on fat and light

Contrary to urban legend, eating less fat will not make you lose weight, and eating more fat will not make you gain weight either. On the contrary!

Fats, when we say it’s bad for your health, it’s mainly because some fats clog your arteries.

So you have to choose your fats. But otherwise, fats are good for your health, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids, also called essential fatty acids. Among them, the Omega 3 (found in fish, rapeseed oil, nuts…) whose merits are still being praised.

Then come monounsaturated fatty acids (type Omega 9 found in olive oil, rapeseed oil, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) Although they are not “essential”, these fatty acids are nevertheless beneficial for health (reduction of LDL cholesterol, fight against hypertension).

Then come saturated fatty acids. They are recognizable by the fact that they are solid greases at room temperature. The white of the ham, the fat of the entrecote, the butter… In short, in short, animal fats but also palm oil for example. These fats also have nutritional advantages (hormone production, strengthening of the immune system) but compete with the destocking of body fats. Not to be consumed in excess so….

Finally, the top of the bad fat: “trans” fatty acids. They are fats hydrogenated by an industrial process to serve as what is poetically called “texture agent” (and preservative). This is the ultimate mess (present in cakes, pastries, ready meals…). Zero advantage, full of disadvantages… especially cardiovascular diseases.

In short, not all fats are equal, there are good, not so good and even very good fats! But in no case are they the source of your extra pounds! At most, some fats slow you down in your diet while others help you lose weight… because they are essential to produce the hormones that cause you to lose weight. But most of the time we put all the fats in the same basket, we want to eliminate them all, and it is perfectly counterproductive for your health.

So just remember this: eating blindly “light” in fat does not make you lose weight! Yes I know, it’s incredible and crazy, but 300 million Americans have tested it for you: since the 1960s they’ve been eating less fat… and they’ve never been so obese! Check out https://www.menswearstyle.co.uk/2019/04/16/5-proven-ways-to-melt-away-your-stomach-fat/8557? for more details.


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