What is clairvoyance?

In general, clairvoyant is a collective term used to describe different forms of perception. These are also often referred to as psychic. Strictly speaking, however, this term can only be used in connection with people who receive information in the form of visions. A person who is clairvoyant or has clairvoyant abilities receives images that usually have a symbolic character’.

This extrasensory or extrasensory perception can also refer to simultaneous, but spatially distant, as well as past and future events.

In the latter case, one also speaks of so-called precognition. This describes the ability to predict a future event without rational knowledge being available at the time of the foresight.

Many people who have this extraordinary gift use their clairvoyance to help others. Those who wish to take advantage of this help will find numerous counselling services on the Internet.

Clairvoyants are also often available to help people who no longer know what to do or who suffer from lovesickness, for example.

The different shapes

Among other things, clairvoyance must be distinguished from clairvoyance. Clairvoyant, empathic people perceive information on the emotional level. They can open a front door in the best of moods and in no time at all are filled with great sorrow. When entering the building, they can immediately perceive the fears, worries or pains of the residents. It is not easy for sensitive people with little experience to distinguish between their own and other people’s feelings. With increasing life experience this succeeds however ever better.

In addition to clairvoyance and clairvoyance, there is also clairvoyance. With this, messages are received through the ear, for example in the form of rhymes or songs. Sometimes, however, clairaudient people only hear a few sentences, the meaning of which they cannot decipher until a later point in time. For the inexperienced, it is also difficult at first to separate the message received from their own thoughts. Tasting and smelling light is also a matter of extrasensory abilities. In contrast to clairvoyance, no images are perceived here, but smells and nuances of taste, which cannot be grasped with the physical nerves of smell and taste.

Clairvoyance – the power of the super senses

Clairvoyance or clairvoyance are thus supernatural abilities to uncover the truths behind the veil. The power of the supersenses leads to the source of being through impressions that clairvoyants receive on a spiritual level. In difficult situations, nice advice from family and friends often won’t help. Experienced clairvoyants on the phone provide value-free support in decision-making conflicts, lovesickness, relationship problems, despair, separation, or desolation. In the fortune telling and clairvoyance sector, you will meet professional fortune tellers, clairvoyant media for angelic contacts or channeling experts who will show you extraordinary ways.

How do you recognize clairvoyance?

Every human being has visionary abilities that manifest themselves in high sensitivity or sensitivity. Image thinking, pronounced empathy, sensitivity to noise, sensitivity to smell and incorruptible intuition are typical characteristics of clairvoyance, clairvoyance or clairvoyance. Often the channels for psychic abilities develop through traumatic experiences or enormous stress. Clairvoyance can be congenital or acquired over time through drastic experiences. A clairvoyant medium has accepted the gift of expanded perception and perfected it into visionary intelligence. Professional clairvoyants can use and control their supernatural powers willingly.

Spiritual children feel the extrasensory worlds much more clearly than adults and deal with mystical themes in a completely relaxed way.

They can perceive energetic vibrations in their environment and speak freely about their experiences.

Practised clairvoyants show those seeking advice phases of their past in order to specify and intensify the interpretation of the future.

Clairvoyance is manifested in the perception of events taking place in the near and distant future.

Media vision is about information that is not visible to the physical eye. Dreams with retrospectives into the past or scenarios of the future represent a form of clairvoyant experience.

Signs of psychic abilities are:

  • Strong reaction to moods
  • Very deep sensations
  • Discover hidden details in the environment
  • High creativity and sensitive body system
  • Distinct visualization capability
  • Intense dreams with whole stories

How can clairvoyant people help?

Clairvoyance has a millennia-old tradition in human history. Spiritually sensitive people who possessed supernatural abilities were represented in almost every culture. A popular example is Nostradamus, who in the 16th century wrote nebulous verses with predominantly gloomy prognoses for the future. Even today, experts marvel at the many punctual prophecies. The Oracle of Delphi is another prime example. The virgin priestess Pythia put herself in a trance with gases swelling from a fissure and revealed her visions of the future to the temple doctor.

Clairvoyant people help people seeking advice with emotional and rational concerns in love, relationship, family, finances and job, self-discovery, despair and life stations. Competent cartomancers, channeling media or fortune-tellers with an appetite for clairvoyance or clairvoyance regard their supernatural as a philosophy of life. An empathic medium is not only dedicated to interpreting the future, but also gives recommendations for dealing with predictions and creates the basis for sustainable life support. New customers can put clairvoyance to the test free of charge in a free discussion with a highly experienced telephone medium.


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